About me

I am a programmer during the day and a tinkerer in the evening - fascinated by the world of computers and engineering. I used to build moving and blinking things from Lego or create simple programs on my 8-bit computer since I was a kid. Thanks to my interest in computer games I learned how to create programs for PC. Together with my friends we tried to make games and our efforts were successful (at least in our opinion) - our game Tanky 2 was bundled on the CD of Score - Czech magazine for gamers.

When Java enabled mobile phones got common I started learning how to make J2ME apps. After creating a few games I entered a Czech competition for young indie game developers called Becherovka Game. I won second place with RPG Prokletí Becherova.

In the year 2006 I began my studies at Czech Technical University in Prague. As part of the courses at the university I created various electronic devices and one of them became the topic of my bachelor thesis. During the studies I also worked as a freelancer. I made a few mobile games and also mobile and desktop app for streaming video from IP cameras.

Later I designed and implemented CRM for an outbound call centre. Originally it was planned as a smaller project but in the end it kept me and ten other programmers busy for about two years.

After that I looked into PHP and Nette framework - which soon became my favorite tool for creating websites. The most interesting project which I helped to create in this area is Slytab.com - a tool for easy creation of Facebook pages.

When Apple released SDK for the iPhone, I started learning how to develop apps for iOS. It was just a hobby at first but then it became my main source of income. I worked mainly on Czech news and magazine apps - for example Lidové Noviny, MF DNES, Hospodářské Noviny and Týdeník Echo. You can also find one of my "hobby" apps on the AppStore - InfoTabule which helps you to get around on Czech railways.

In 2016 me and my friends rented a place in Prague and rebuilt it into The Cave hackerspace.

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